The first mobile game that makes you a member of the intelligence community...

Sell fried chicken. Control the world.

Crowdfunding begins on 9/16 at 9:30 AM CDT (GMT -5)

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Run a simple fast food restaurant...

funnel money to secret government projects

Features include:

Manage your own fried chicken establishment

Orchestrate global events from your underground office

Plant operatives in major political parties

Upgrade the quality of your food to increase profits

Expand your fast food menu to please customers

Fund tech companies to make sure they play by your rules 

Secretly fund foreign insurgent groups

Smuggle weapons of war to other nations

Influence the news to control public opinion

Station Chief, Harland Thomas
He'll be giving you missions throughout the game.

What is Dummy Corporation?

It's an engaging idle game that allows you to manage and expand your very own fried chicken fast food joint, but it's also a careful criticism of the US intelligence community.

As a player, you will see (and participate in!) a huge array of morally outrageous activities that the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other agencies have committed.

Run a profitable restaurant, and you'll get to expand your illicit activities underground.

Watch the consequences of these actions in real-time as the news conveys your actions to the public.

Fall deep enough down this rabbit hole, and who knows what might happen...

It's not just a business simulation.

While our game is most similar to other "idle" games, we believe that Dummy Corporation will push the boundaries of this genre by offering a deep narrative that gives players a unique look at the relationship between the media and the state.

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